Why Mornings are the Best Time to Make Fundraising Calls

Is there a right time and a wrong one for a political candidate to make fundraising calls? Throughout my career I did not believe there was. I thought that the key to good fundraising isn’t so much a winning issue or a solid fundraising list. I’ve always believed that good fundraising is done by a […]

3 Things All Political Campaigns Have in Common

All political campaigns have three things in common, regardless of whether they are successful or not:  the candidate who’s running, the money spent, and the issues important during the race. This may all seem quite basic, but too many candidates who should win have self-imploded because they skipped the basics. Knowing how these three factors […]


5 Essentials of Political Campaign Fundraising

One of the most crucial aspects of a winning political campaign is fundraising.  It’s also the component that most candidates despise.  But if you want to win an election, then you need to learn how to be a good fundraiser.  And guess what?  It’s a lot easier than you think. Fundraising is a necessary part […]


The Dangers of Self-Funding Your Political Campaign

While there's a clear upside, there's three big pitfalls to avoid

Do you have the financial ability to provide self-funding for your campaign for elected office? I’m not talking about a really small race where it’ll cost less than $5,000 to run a successful campaign. I’m talking about races where a full-blown campaign requires spending $20,000, $50,000, $100,000 or more to win election. Can you honestly write […]


The Real Reason Candidates Succeed or Fail at Fundraising

There’s one big reason behind why candidates are successful at fundraising. It’s also the reason why many candidates fail to raise money when running for office. Sound odd? It’s not.  It’s very true. The reason why some candidates raise mountains of money and others don’t raise a dime is summed up in one sentence. “Whether you […]


How to Make a Great Remit Envelope to Raise More Money

If you are going to raise money for your campaign you must have a remit envelope. A remit envelope is a key fundraising tool that provides you a means of collecting required donor contact information and additional commitments from the supporter (please obtain professional accounting or legal advice to make sure you are including information required by […]


Fundraising Advice from a Winning Candidate

Fundraising is without a doubt one of the essential elements of running a successful political campaign. Even in the digital age of inexpensive Facebook ads and nearly free mass email sends, winning an election takes a fair amount of money. Your campaign needs money to send mail,  buy yard signs, and to pay for any […]

4 Steps for Political Candidates to Raise Money and Get Endorsements

Raising money and gathering endorsements are crucial components of running for public office. Your campaign needs money to buy signs, send mailers, run commercials, and so forth. Your campaign also needs endorsements from elected officials and community leaders. These endorsements demonstrate you have the qualifications for the office you’re seeking because you’re supported by respected members of your […]