5 Ways Winning Candidates Announce Big Endorsements

You’ve landed a big endorsement for your campaign. This endorsement carries such weight that it will increase your profile as a candidate. It may help you raise money, convert voters into supporters, pick up other big endorsements, or perhaps all of the above. But how do you get the word out?  Here’s five ways to […]


The X’s and O’s of Endorsements

Winning campaigns need to establish credibility and one of the quickest ways achieve this is by securing endorsements.  How?  Because endorsements allow the candidate to tell donors, voters and the media that you are a viable candidate. Who should you ask for an endorsement? Elected officials As a candidate, you will want to look at […]

How to Use Endorsements to Win on Election Day

Targeted Endorsements Can Give Your Campaign the Edge

Endorsements can give you an edge and help you win more votes on Election Day. The right endorsement will help voters know who you are and provide your campaign a level of legitimacy and credibility. Legitimacy and credibility will help you raise money and recruit volunteers to run your campaign. Why Endorsements Matter Human beings are social […]


4 Steps for Political Candidates to Raise Money and Get Endorsements

Raising money and gathering endorsements are crucial components of running for public office. Your campaign needs money to buy signs, send mailers, run commercials, and so forth. Your campaign also needs endorsements from elected officials and community leaders. These endorsements demonstrate you have the qualifications for the office you’re seeking because you’re supported by respected members of your […]