How to Win: Just Say No to Billboards

Stop wasting valuable campaign money

Billboards are a waste of money for political campaigns.  And it’s not just billboards but any large roadside signs – like those 4×8 that candidates love. This article is not about trashing the billboard and sign industry.  For sure they provide a valuable service to a lot of businesses. For political campaigns however, billboards and large […]


How Fundraising Events Can Kill Campaigns

Don't waste your time with endless fundraising events

Warning:  Fundraising events can kill campaigns. Listen, these events definitely have their place in any campaign, but as a  campaign professional, I generally don’t encourage campaigns to host too many.  Here’s why. Fundraising events cost money. This is one of my big problems with fundraising events. They always cost a lot of money. Invitations cost money. Mailing […]


Winning Candidates Don’t Stop Getting Out The Vote

GOTV all day on Election Day

If you want to win your election, you need to Get Out the Vote (aka GOTV) all day on Election Day — or you may not win. I have seen it too many times. Many campaigns start slacking off on Election Day. Campaign workers get gitty.  They start fooling around and stop contacting voters. I have […]


How Local Endorsements Help Win Elections

Local Endorsements Matter. Every candidate wants their local police, fire, mayor to endorse their campaign. But endorsements from regular people matter too. You want endorsements from regular people that go to work every day and pay taxes. The people that vote. I am talking about Mr. and Mr. Jones or Mr. and Mrs. Garcia, or Mr. and […]


How to Get More Votes from Yard Signs

Yard signs are one of those things that every candidate wants.  But most yard signs I see are not used well and not well placed, like those in this picture. “Location, Location, Location” that famous quote generally attributed to deceased British real estate tycoon Lord Harold Samuel, rings true to political yard signs as well. […]


How to win one ballot at a time with VBM Chase

This can be crazy fun and is like doing GOTV every day for a month

VBM (Vote by Mail) Chase  wins campaigns. Running a good chase program is like GOTV every day of the month running up through Election Day. A good VBM Chase program requires commitment, tenacity and organization and frankly just plain old hard work. All winning campaigns always have a good VBM chase program in place. It […]


Be First in the Mail and win the Early Voter

With Vote By Mail you got to Start Early

Everybody has heard about the early voter. Every campaign knows there are a group of voters that turn their ballots in as soon as they get them in the mail. Generally, this is about thirty days before election day. But guess what? Most campaigns fail to get a single mail piece out before those ballots […]


How to Win Big With Slate Cards on Election Day

Slate Cards or Voter Guides Are a Great Supplement to your Mail Program

Do slate cards work? Heck, yes, they work! That is why several million dollars are spent on them every year in Californa. Purchasing placement on a slate card is a smart move when running for office. Slates, also known as voter guides, put your winning message in the hands of targeted voters while saving you […]


How to Win on Election Day With Political Mail

5 Simple Rules Will Help You Win on Election Day

Political Mail wins elections. That’s a fact. However, to win with Political Mail you must follow some basic rules. Copy – Short and to the point.  With Political Mail, you are not writing a book. Hire a professional copywriter that has experience doing political work. A professional political writer or political consultant will know how to present your winning […]


GOTV Victory: How to Win by Getting Out The Vote

A GOTV Victory, or a Get Out The Vote Victory, is all about getting YOUR VOTERS to the polls. It is not about getting your opponents voters to the polls. A GOTV Victory is also not about getting everyone to the polls because it is the right thing to do. Don’t get me wrong, I think every […]