One good person can make a huge difference for their community.

If you didn’t believe that you wouldn’t be running for elected office or even considering it.

However there’s a long and difficult path between being a candidate and becoming an elected official of your community.

There are pitfalls and obstacles that prevent many great people from getting elected.

Bad advice and ineffective strategy can often leads good candidates to political ruin.

The lack of knowledge of what it actually takes to run a winning campaign many times will result in the candidate with the best ideas not getting elected.

We’ve seen it happen too many times — and frankly we’re tired of good people with great ideas not winning elections where they should be victorious.

That’s why we started The Campaign School.

The Campaign School exists to provide candidates with the knowledge they need to win big on Election Day.

Here we’ll share with you the fundamentals that winning campaigns follow to achieve success.

We’ll give you a window in the mind of the voters to help you understand the best way to communicate your message and earn their votes.

We’ll also share with you the inside trick we’ve learned behind building and maintaining a solid base of supporters that is essential to winning an election.

So if you want to win big on Election Day and put your ideas to work to improve the lives of those in your community, then we welcome you to The Campaign School.

We trust you will find the information we share here to be helpful to you as you chart your path to victory in your campaign.


Brian Floyd & Paul Arney


The Campaign School is a joint venture of veteran political consultants Brian Floyd and Paul Arney.

Brian Floyd and Paul Arney have provided consulting services and strategy to numerous successful political campaigns at various levels of government.

At the Campaign School they share their knowledge, experience, and expertise to help candidates run successful campaigns for public office.