Local Parades, Fairs, Festivals, and Car Shows on the Campaign Trail

“What value do you place on summer parades?  Does it keep name recognition up, or is it mostly a waste of time?” I received that question from a reader last month and thought that other candidates might be interested in the answer, hence today’s winning campaign advice article. If a parade, fair, festival, car show […]

Political Campaign Signs Don’t Vote — Or Do They?

One of the first things I learned when I started out working on political campaigns is that “Signs don’t vote.” This is true, however I’m not convinced it is completely true. Having signs “everywhere” does not win elections. Having signs in the right locations, well that’s a bit of a different story. (The photo above […]


4 Kinds of Mail Political Candidates Should Send

Mail is still king when it comes to mass communications to voters during a local election. But what types of mail should you be sending? From my experience there are four kinds of mailers candidates that want to win their elections should be sending. 1. Letters Letters can be powerful during an election – especially […]


How Winning Candidates Identify Their Supporters

In the simplest of terms, the candidate who gets the most votes in an election is the winner. Many candidates, including those who raise plenty of money and do a ton of advertising, have no clue how they really won. And in many cases losing candidates don’t understand how that happened because they think they’ve […]

Our Top 5 Articles of 2018

2018 is coming to a close and is our tradition, I wanted to share with you the five political campaign advice articles that were the most read on the site this year. #5 How to Write a Winning Campaign Phone Script A winning campaign phone script is easy to write, but most campaigns don’t do […]

5 Security Tips Candidates Need to Know to Protect Their Campaign Websites

Guest Post by Bill Hess of Pixel Privacy

Hackers are running wild today and no one is safe from their devious schemes –  especially political candidates. Just ask Hillary Clinton. The following is a guest article by Bill Hess of Pixel Privacy that provides 5 Security Tips you as a candidate need to know to protect your campaign website. Candidates running for office […]


Guidelines for Declaring Victory, Conceding Defeat, and Demanding Recounts

Every election comes to an end.  One candidate and their supporters are overjoyed, all others are to various levels disappointed. Life goes back to normal and the campaigning ceases until the next election. At least that’s how it’s been for most of  American history. In recent years something changed. The close of the polls, the […]


5 Ways Political Candidates Can Reach Early Voters

Election Day is roughly a month away, but with many voters in many states now being allowed to vote early, actually voting is getting ready to start. With early voters making up a larger and larger share of the electorate, you can’t afford to ignore these voters. In many races, especially close contests, the votes […]